You want a vacation filled with activities and full of adventure?

Then you‘re right by us, the UNESCO world heritage Middle Rhine Valley. You also get to the Mosel in about a few kilometres from the appartment. On the following pages you will find a list of suggestions, but we are likely to help you personally if you call. Just give us a call!

We are happy if we can help to make your individual vacation planning with our knowledge.


Hiking / Climbing
  • in Ehrbachklamm (to waterfalls and diverse mills)
  • in Baybachtal
  • on the route of „Schinderhannes“
  • Middle Rhine via ferrata Boppard
  • multiple via ferratas by the Mosel (Calmont, Bremm, Valwig – Apollo hiking-path, …)
  • on the new bicycle track of Boppard above St. Goar, past the Loreley-rocks and further to Bacharach. Back with the train or cycling back along the other side of the rhine.
  • Cycle-path to Ehrenburg.
  • From Oppenhausen to Boppard. From there you ride on the old towpaths, passing Marksburg up to Koblenz. Take the train back over Boppard to Buchholz and from there you roll down to Oppenhausen!
  • Schinderhannes-cyclingpath from Emmelshausen to Kastellaun
  • Along the Mosel
  • Boat-tours
  • Ship-cruises on Rhine (to Loreley) and Mosel
  • Canoing on the Lahn
  • Swimming
    in a sideriver of the Rhine by the Rhine island Niederwerthan, many spots by the Mosel or in the outdoor-baths in the surrounding area.
  • Laacher Sea (Swimming, Paddlingboat, sailing courses, etc.)
  • Adventure- and wave swimming-park Cochem
  • Waterskiing (approx. 3 km away from Brodenbach by the Mosel)
  • Ski- und sled-experience by Erbeskopf

Culture & History

Castle sightseeing
  • Ehrenburg (adventure castle) – the adventure-castle with medival Festival „Spektakulum“, which is 2 km away from the vacation appartment and therefore perfectly reachable by car, by foot or with bike the biking-path passing the appartment.
  • Märchenburg Eltz  – The brothers Grimm wrote here their famous fable Dornröschen.
  • Burg Thurant located by Alken
  • The Pfalz by Kaub, which is located on top of a rock on an island in the middle of the Rhine and is one of the most mysterious castle buildings on earth.
  • Burgfestspiele (castle festival games)
  • Marksburg (between Boppard and Koblenz on the other side of the Rhine) – the only high-castle on the Rhine which didn‘t got destroyed and now is the Headquarter of the german castle-union.
  • Ehrenbreitstein – across the junction of Rhine and Mosel, on top of steep rock 118 metres above the Rhine
  • Castle Maus – on this castle you can see various types of eagles take off for flight
Interesting museums
  • Technologial museum
  • State museum of fortress Ehrenbreitstein
  • Maritime museum
  • Doll museum (Boppard)
  • Blücher museum in Kaub


Rhine in Flames – The highlight at Middle Rhine

From may until september the rhine valley will light up 5-times with fireworks. Seems endless when the white ships swim down the rhine. Castles and ruins are set up in red light of the bengal fire. You won‘t find this anywhere else, a landscape filled with beauty and history. Which plays with fire, water and light and therefore creates a majestic scenery.

All trips can be booked over the vacation appartment with a discount and a just a car-ride from the appartment away. Shuttleservice can be requested.

Wintner events und Winetastings

1. Weinfest in Boppard last weekend of september
2. Weinfest in Boppard first weekend of oktober

We will happily inform you about vintnering events in Boppard and the surrounding area and even organise a winetasting by one the awarded vintners in Middle Rhine Valley!

Open Air events
  • Festung-Ehrenbreitstein
  • Loreley Freilichtbühne
  • Nature One
  • Winterworld (rocketcenter Pytna)